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What we do

Our business

As a leading global provider of online retail trading, CMC Group offers clients the opportunity to trade the financial markets via contracts for difference (CFDs) and financial spread betting (UK & Ireland only). The Group also offers a stockbroking service in Australia.

Award-winning technology – Next Generation

Our multi award-winning Next Generation trading platform provides clients with access to over thousands of global financial instruments via a desktop or mobile. The feature-rich platform is fully customisable, offering five different layouts with module linking. The advanced charting has over 80 technical indicators with sophisticated drawing tools, the ability to trade directly from charts and a dedicated chart forum. In addition we provide a client sentiment tool and pattern recognition scanner.

Range of markets

Clients can trade CFDs or spread bet on over thousands of financial instruments, across global indices (such as the UK 100), commodities, FX, shares and treasuries.






Shares & ETFs





Our unique service

Our ambition is to deliver an unparalleled client experience to the active trader. This will help maintain a loyal trading community, contributing towards optimal returns for our shareholders and increasing long-term value for the business.

As well as offering competitive pricing, products and trading capabilities that we know our clients want, we continue to strive to ensure that our clients view us as the most trusted and recommended provider in the industry through excellence in client service.

CMC Markets continues to place the utmost importance on client service and the continuous delivery of an unrivalled experience to our clients through our behaviour, image, product innovation and internal culture. With this client-centric vision at the core of our business, we continue to strive to ensure that CMC Markets will become the brand of choice in all of our global markets.

Our products

The Group currently generates its revenue via four key products:

A CFD is a cash-settled leveraged product that tracks the price movement of a specific financial instrument such as indices, FX, commodities, shares and treasuries. A key feature of trading leveraged products is that as you only have to put down a small deposit for a much larger market exposure, as such it has the potential to magnify profits as well as losses.

When you trade CFDs, you don’t buy or sell or have rights in the underlying asset (as you would with a physical share for example). Instead, you buy or sell a number of units, depending on whether you think the underlying asset’s price will go up or down.

For every point the price moves in your favour you gain multiples of the number of units you have bought or sold. For every point that the price moves against you, you will make a loss.

Financial spread betting allows clients to trade on the price movements of financial markets (ie whether a market will rise or fall), without having to buy the underlying asset.

Profits from spread betting are free from capital gains tax and stamp duty in the UK and Ireland depending on your personal circumstances, although tax laws are subject to change.

Spread betting has many of the benefits of CFDs with one important difference; you are betting a specific stake size per point movement of a product rather than trading a specific number of shares or units.

Countdowns are fixed-odds trades based on whether the mid-price of a product will be above or below the initial price, at the end of the countdown timeframe. Timeframes start from as short as 30 seconds on certain instruments.

CMC Markets also offers Australian clients the ability to buy and sell ASX and APX-listed equities, as well as funds on the recently launched Pro stockbroking platform. This platform was designed and built by the same team that created the Next Generation trading platform.

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